John Rob's
Sudoku and Puzzles

Infinite Sudoku cover

Infinite Sudoku

2850 puzzles to enjoy throughout the whole year. A collection of 2850 unique puzzles for all levels of sudoku players. Each puzzle has a unique solution that does not require guessing.

99 extermely hard sudoku cover

99 Extremely Hard Sudoku

99+1 puzzles that will keep you busy for many hours.

199 hard sudoku cover

199 Hard Sudoku

199+1 hard unique sudoku puzzles for advanced solvers. Contains a graded collection of medium (warmup) to very hard puzzles. Each puzzle has a unique solution.

299 sudoku mix cover

299 Sudoku Mix

299+1 unique sudoku puzzles. A mix of easy, medium and hard puzzles with solutions.

399 easy sudoku cover

399 Easy Sudoku

399+1 fun, easy sudoku puzzles. Each has a unique solution that you can find without guessing.

499 quick sudoku cover

499 Quick Sudoku

Quick Sudoku puzzles for everyone.

Ideal for kids or novices. These puzzles will satisfy even advanced solvers who only have little time to spare. 499+1 hand-picked fun puzzles. Each has a unique solution that you can find without guessing. If you are an experienced player you will be able to solve most puzzles in this book without note taking.

100 large print cover

100 Large Print Sudoku

A collection of 100 large print sudoku puzzles graded from easy to hard. Great puzzles to pass the time while sharpening your mind.

Sudoku Geniuses cover

Sudoku Geniuses

88 very hard suoku puzzles that require extra sudoku skills.